A New Motorola Android Handset Leaks Into the Wild


It’s not the Motorola X Phone! In case you have been living under a rock lately, Google has bought up the mobile division of Motorola. With such a purchase as you could imagine, the speculation as to what the dynamic duo will produce is through the roof. The latest in rumor says Motorola is working ...

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The Motorola Atrix 3 “Dinara” Shows Up for the Bell

The first Motorola Atrix was announced and shown off last year at CES to much fan fare. It was one of Motorola’s initial offerings for its lap dock revolution, it came with a built in biometric fingerprint scanner and was one of the first handsets in the world to rock a dual core chipset. As ...

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Pantech IM-A830S BenchMark Scores Show off ICS, Dual Cores and an HD display

Pantech is a solid competitor within the mobile phone arena and a new device like this Pantech IM-A830S will only make their selection stronger. Recently the company has released some lower end devices like the Pocket 4G and some strong mid range models like the Pantech Breakout. They have even stepped into the tablet market ...

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