Not So Fast T-Mobile, Sprint Claims It Has the Only National 4G Network

  Sprint is shooting back at T-Mobile’s claims regarding who has the largest national 4G network with a video series highlighting its own WiMAX 4G network. I think the 4G war just started rolling along a little faster. T-Mobile already took a shot at AT&T’s network and the iPhone 4 in a commercial that stresses how ...

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T-Mobile’s myTouch 4G Taking on the iPhone 4 and AT&T?

T-Mobile’s new myTouch 4G wants to take on both the iPhone and AT&T at the same time. How? Well the myTouch 4G by HTC has video calling abilities of its own over 3G instead of just Wi-Fi like Apple’s FaceTime in the iPhone 4. T-Mobile is also claiming to have the largest 4G network in the country and has slammed the iPhone and AT&T in its new advertisement. Video after the jump!

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myTouch 3G HD gets spied again

Earlier this week T-Mobile launched a teaser web site taunting the general public and T-Mobile customers alike. The teaser site showed simply a silhouette of a cool looking device that was claimed to be T-Mobiles first HSPA+ phone. Shortly after this the rumors and leaks began to fly and it has not stopped. Shortly after the ...

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T-Mobile HSPA+ phone comes to light

Yesterday T-Mobile launched a teaser webpage with a silhouette of their first HSPA+ phone, leaving much to be pondered. But as always, the interwebs have seemed to put a physical picture to the mysterious device. Keep it a secret all you want T-Mobile, but don’t be mad when it leaks! The teaser website was dissected and ...

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Official specs for Sprints Epic 4G

Samsung in an attempt to claim their stake on the smartphone industry has recently dumped a whole line of Galaxy S phones into the American market. Four different models were announced and three of the four have been released to the respective carriers. However, one still remains to be fully exposed, and it looks like ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Update Your iPhone 3G to iOS 4

If you were pondering whether or not you should upgrade your iPhone 3G to iOS 4, do not. While the device is capable of running Apple’s new operating system, the 128MB of RAM in the 3G is not up to the task. The smartphone runs sluggish, apps freeze up and sometimes crashes. While it was ...

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Skype Not Charging for 3G Use

Skype has dropped its plans to charge iPhone users a fee for use of its popular VoIP client over 3G. Combine the news with the fact that iOS 4 lets you multitask, and you have something that is sure to put a big smile on the faces of anyone who uses the program. Today Skype ...

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IPad 3G for AT&T Wireless

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