T-Mobile’s Coming Cliq 2 is Codenamed ‘Begonia’

Motorola is working on its Cliq 2 ‘Begonia’ for T-Mobile and fans of the original will not be disappointed. Rumor has it that the new smartphone will be launching November 1st but no word yet on pricing. Don’t worry though, it will be shipping with Android 2.2.

While much is not known yet about actual technical specifications in the coming Begonia, there is plenty of talk about what features it will include. Think along the lines of Wi-Fi calling abilities, Adobe Flash video support obviously, and the ability to make a 3G Wi-Fi hot spot on the fly. Oh, and the keyboard has gotten a redesign. It will still have the MotoBlur interface running on top of Android like the original though.

For the known tech specs here is a quick list (this is subject to change of course):

  • Assisted GPS (A-GPS)
  • microUSB connectivity
  • microSD and microSDHC support
  • HSDPA 7.2 Mbit per second data support (3.5G)
  • Bluetooth (presumably stereo support)

Hopefully, more specs will be leaked in the coming weeks until this thing goes on sale. Expect it to be priced and featured in the mid-level smartphone category. Oh, and the Wi-Fi calling abilities might be ending up on quite a few more smartphones running Android from T-Mobile in the future. That’s a good thing, but it looks like T-Mobile still hasn’t gotten all the bugs worked out. Right now, calls drop if you leave your Wi-Fi router’s coverage area and don’t automatically switch to the cellular network.

I’ll keep you all informed as more information on the Cliq 2 comes out. In the meantime, leave a comment and let me know what you think of this thing. Want one or will you opt for something a little higher end?

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