T-Mobile to allow Wi-Fi Calling Apps on future Android Devices

 Over the weekend T-MoNews leaked some internal slides that show off the LG Optimus One. The Optimus One reportedly has a Wi-Fi calling feature that is seemingly making its way to the likes of all Android phones under the T-Mobile moniker.

Now I know that making phone calls via your WI-Fi connection and IP address is nothing new. However, when the “apps” show up on carrier training slides, it is surely a good sign. Sign of the times, you might say. However, the technology that is being implemented according to the training slides uncovered by TmoNews is UMA and not voice over IP. UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) will allow users to make phone calls over the Wi-Fi connection, simple as that. Think, if your in a dead zone, with no bars, but have Wi-Fi.  The new Wi-Fi calling feature according to the leaked document will be available on only a few select Android devices. When looking at the slide it shows a yellow tab that is to list Wi-Fi calling limitations, which from the sources understanding will be “there will be no handoffs to the mobile network” like current UMA offerings, this simply means if you leave the coverage of your Wi-Fi connection, your call wills simply be dropped. Sounds reasonable.

So again, the ability to make Wi-Fi calls, is limited to select Android devices and according to TmoNews there is no indication that the new G2 will ship with this ability. However, were talking Android’s here people, where there is a will there is surely a way. One could expect this to spread like wild fire once launched.

Excited about Wi-Fi calling made official via T-Mobile? Looking forward to using the feature on your new G2 or Optimus One? Let us know what you think of the new feature found on T-Mobiles training slides.

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