The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note, Better late than Never?



The Galaxy Note was initially launched abroad October of last year, shortly after its foray into international waters At&t sunk their elite hook into the lovable giant’s mouth  for a limited run of exclusivity on their shelves only. February of this year brought the phone to ma’ bell and ever since customers across the country on all carriers have been wondering when their chance to make Notes would be. Well, if you’re a T-Mobile customer it looks like taking a few steps forward will only lead to at least a step back.


Back in April leaky details of the devices presence on the magenta clad carrier started surfacing to the foamy top of the interwebs and the excitement began. Initially a screen shot of the TMo Note’s “About phone” showed up across the board and shortly their after the behemoth was pictured next to the likes of first generation Galaxy S. The month of May showed us a T-Mobile road map that pinned the release dates for Galaxy S III and suspiciously showed details of a Note release. Early and late June, essentially put the confirming nail in the T-Mobile Galaxy Note coffin as the device made its way through the halls of the FCC as the SGH-T879. After its approval for sale under the close eye of Uncle Sam, press renderings of the Tmo Note were ousted into the gauntlet of what we know as the internet. Unfortunately for your hopes and dreams, that is where the good news ends for this little journey of mass proportions. Initially the Note was expected to arrive on the carriers shelves sometime around July 11th, but new details are putting the Tmo Note out of that time frame by a few months. A freshly leaked internal document called a Frontline Planner, appeared on the front page of the rumor section on Friday, thanks to the likes of TmoNews.Com. The document while a bit dry with details shows the Galaxy Note with a date of 8/8 engrained in red. According to the source this should indicate an updated release time from what was previously entered into their system. So the July 11th date may be out the window, it may turn out to be beneficial for everyone. The document states that from 7/11 to 11/13 is “Back to School” time for the carrier, and we all know how much T-Mobile love to put their latest hardware on sale.



So a new delay on one of the largest phones ever produced. Are you waiting on the Note? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of these new developments on the Note’s release date. Will the Note 2 surface around the time T-Mo gets their hands on the original? Oh and remember folks, we carry all the very best Samsung Galaxy Note accessories in all the lands near or far!


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