T-Mobile in Q2

It is that time of the year when quarterly reports for the second part of the business year come rolling in, and while we have seen some reports from many different companies, T-Mobile has posted their findings for the second quarter. So let’s take a look shall we.

First off it should be known that T-Mobile has been all over the news in recent months in regard to the company’s future. The lack of 4G, size of their network etc, but will they be going anywhere anytime soon? In the first quarter of this year T-Mobile reported 4.63 billion dollars in service revenues, you know when you pay your monthly bill. Q2 has been good to T-Mobile reporting 4.70 billion in the same sector. So being up about 7 billion dollars ain’t so bad right. Well let’s look at it this way. T-Mobile has around 33.6 million customers, 93,000 of which have actually left the company in Q2.  Doesn’t sound so bad until we recognize that the number of customers that went astray is up from the first quarterly report for the year, this showed that 77,000 T-Mobile customers brought their business elsewhere. In comparison Q2 from the previous year 09 showed T-Mobile bringing in about 325k new customers. Total revenues for T-Mobile does show to on the up, in small margins. The company reported total revenues were up 5.36 billion dollars, from a previous 5.28 billion; this revenue is also up in comparison to 09’s Q2 findings which put revenue at 5.34 billion.

So it looks like the margins are thin to say the least for T-Mobile. There are many people in and out of the industry and even some working for T-Mobile that seemingly have some great ideas to strengthen the companies profile, but only time will tell if any of these sound ideas make it to T-Mobile’s corporate office.

Keep up the good work T-Mobile, looking forward to Q3’s findings

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