T-Mobile’s myTouch HD

T-Mobile is hot on the HSPA+ trail with the HTC G2, which has been in the news lately. The G2 is a much anticipated full QWERTY slider device from T-Mobile, but they couldn’t forget their touch screen crowd. As T-Mobile builds there HSPA+ network city by city more and more compatible devices will indeed be joining the party. With the launch of the new G2 in the beginning stages via pre-orders it seems that T-Mobile is gearing up to drop another HSPA+ devices that we have seen in the past the myTouch HD.

TmoNews who is constantly breaking internal T-Mobile documents in half, has currently posted what seems to be some official internal paper work showing off the new myTouch HD. While the current hype and anticipation is surely focused on the new G2, this new myTouch HD will surely have some waiting friends once announced. The new myTouch HD is a Froyo rocking Android 2.2 operating device, which carries a “1GHz dual processor”, a 3.8 inch touch screen, 4GB of internal memory and expandable externally up to 32 GB. The myTouch HD carries a 5MP camera with flash and autofocus as well as a front facing VGA camera. Swype is also pre-installed on the myTouch HD for super fast texting.  

The new myTouch HD is surely a good looking device with some pretty impressive specs. The myTouch HD has been spotted a few times in the past, but now it looks as if it’s getting closer to official. I call a mid to late October release, who’s with me? When further details arise we will be sure to post them, but until then tell us why this is an excellent phone. Some say this is a Droid copycat, and T-Mobile is playing catch-up, you agree?

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