T-Mobile Will Launch ‘4G’ 21 Mbps HSPA+ Wireless Router in March 2011

The evidence.


Now that T-Mobile USA has started advertising the wonders of its HSPA+ network, you knew it was only a matter of time before the carrier released its own MiFi like wireless router. According to TmoNews, the first one will launch in March 2011, while a second is set for the second quarter of the same year (May through June). With T-Mobile’s “4G” network having theoretical top speeds of 21 megabits per second, that’s a pretty darn fast mobile router. Fast enough to replace wired, high-speed Internet for most.

However, readers should keep in mind that 21 Mbps is very theoretical. Some real world test numbers thrown around by IntoMobile back in June showed T-Mobile clocking at 2,960 kbps downloading and 1,283 kbps uploading. Expect network speeds to drop as more and more T-Mobile subscribers switch to HSPA+ compatible smart phone models and these wireless routers start to make the rounds.

AT&T will of course have something to say about T-Mobile launching a 4G mobile router. If anything, it will toss out something like its previous statement about T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network:

“T-Mobile’s claims about 4G are based on the same HSPA+ technology we have deployed to 180 million people today, more than T-Mobile’s reported 140 million, and we’ll have it rolled out to 250 million people by the end of this month [November], substantially more than the 200 million T-Mobile says it will have by year-end.”

Yeah, yeah AT&T. We all know T-Mobile is trying to convince us that its 4G network is the biggest and the fastest out there. Of course, it will pale in comparison to Verizon’s LTE (long term evolution) 4G network once it rolls out to everywhere. AT&T is a bit behind Verizon in getting its own LTE network out there but its HSPA+ network (I like to refer to HSPA+ network technology as 3.5G since that is what it really is) should work fine for most until then.

HSPA+ still is pretty darn fast even if it's not "real 4G."

As long as we’re on the topic of T-Mobile’s network, I am home from school for Christmas break and T-Mobile still has no coverage where my family lives. No, I am not talking about 4G coverage or even 3G coverage. There is simply no signal at all here. In comparison, Verizon’s 3G network works fine. This all just underscores the point of making sure to check first if your carrier offers coverage before you start plopping down the cash to get faster Internet over the air.

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