T-Mobile iPhone Rumors Get a Little More Credibility

The T-Mobile rumors surrounding whether or not the wireless carrier will get the iPhone have been heating up again lately, and they seem to have gotten a little more validation. A new player in Canada’s cell phone market, Vidéotron, might have let the cat out of the bag during a press conference that Apple is in the process of making an iPhone that is compatible with Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) frequency ranges.

AWS is the frequency range that newer players in the cellular market use for 3G services. An incompatibility between the iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 with the AWS spectrum currently keeps T-Mobile’s 3G network unaccessible for carrier unlocked iPhones. Vidéotron also uses the AWS frequency spectrum like T-Mobile, so for the company to use the iPhone, an AWS compatible one has to see the light of day. Of course, this might just be Vidéotron trying to rev up some publicity for itself, but I take this as yet another possible hint that the iPhone will start coming to more carriers everywhere soon.

An AWS compliant iPhone certainly will please a lot of customers who want to avoid AT&T’s infamous network at all costs. My own personal experiences with T-Mobile’s network have not been exactly the best (I was promised 3G covered for well over a year where I lived but it kept getting pushed back), but hey, at least T-Mobile could be another option for those looking to have some iPhone fun. Having more carriers in the US with the iPhone will also probably slant some bandwidth strain away from AT&T, which I am sure AT&T customers most certainly will rejoice about.

This is at least the third T-Mobile iPhone rumor I have heard about this month alone, so these rumors have to add up to something right? The most recent one besides this I wrote about, mentioned that T-Mobile would be getting the iPhone 3GS this year, but not the iPhone 4. That seems to make sense, but rumors wouldn’t be going around if they didn’t make sense now would they?

Let me know if this latest rumor leaves you more inclined to believe that T-Mobile will finally be getting some Apple love itself soon.

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