T-Mobile Selling iPhone Charging Cables at Some Stores

T-Mobile has apparently started selling iPhone charging cables at some of its corporate stores in the US. Since the company does not have the iPhone, you might be scratching your heads on this one. Does this mean T-Mobile will finally be getting the iPhone or is the company just trying to cater to all of the iPhone unlockers out there who rely on it for service?

There have been T-Mobile iPhone rumors this year, with most expecting the company to get the iPhone 3GS first and the iPhone 4 later. The CEO of T-Mobile’s parent company has already blamed no iPhone as a reason why the company lost subscribers last quarter and it is well known that T-Mobile desperately wants the iPhone. Like AT&T, T-Mobile uses GSM technology for its wireless network.

This means that the iPhone has always worked on T-Mobile’s network if the phone was not locked to a carrier. However, 3G for iPhones is not available when using them on T-Mobile because the company uses a different wireless band for 3G than AT&T and most of the world. Apple will have to build a new iPhone model for T-Mobile to sell if the carrier really is going to get it.

These charger cables also could be for the iPad (though the boxes do specifically say iPod and iPhone). Verizon and AT&T are selling iPads now and a Wi-Fi only iPad with a mobile 3G hotspot is a pretty nifty combination. T-Mobile jumping on board would make sense.

Of course, that myTouch 4G commercial from T-Mobile doesn’t exactly say “yeah, we’re getting the iPhone too!” If you think about it though, it is AT&T that is preventing Apple from activating FaceTime over 3G connections. T-Mobile is fine with smartphones doing video calling over its ‘4G’ connection so if an iPhone 4 does come to the carrier, expect it to FaceTime without Wi-Fi.

What do you think? T-Mobile just trying to keep its unlocked iPhone customers happy or is this a sign of something bigger? Spot any iPhone cables at your local T-Mobile store? Let me know in the comments.

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