T-Mobile to Get iPhone 3GS This Year?

The fourth largest cellular network in the United States—T-Mobile—may be getting the iPhone 3GS this year. This news comes straight from the editor of Wired—Chris Anderson—and his Twitter account. He claims that, “A T-Mobile manager casually mentioned to me that they’re going to get the iPhone 3GS (but not 4, oddly) later this year. Common knowledge?” This is quite an interesting development, and there have been T-Mobile rumors regarding the iPhone all year.

Getting the iPhone to work on T-Mobile’s network is a far easier thing to do than to get it to work on Verizon’s or Sprint’s networks as they use completely different wireless technology than AT&T and T-Mobile use. The iPhone already works on T-Mobile’s network when unlocked, but does not have 3G speed capabilities when this is done. Some minor tweaks to the iPhone could easily make it work on T-Mobile’s network out of the box. However, no iPhone 4 for T-Mobile yet?

It makes sense to only release the iPhone 3GS on another carrier to start. It would certainly be a kind move to pacify AT&T for now, and start some head on competition between iOS and Android OS. If you believe everything you hear on the internet, the iPhone 5 might have CDMA and GSM cellular capabilties for international travelers. That would also make it work on any carrier in the US and keep Apple’s production costs low. I would not put much weight on that rumor, but hey, if Apple wants the iPhone to compete head on against the BlackBerry for high rolling corporate users who jet around the world occasionally, that is something that will eventually have to be done.

The Verizon iPhone rumors that persist year after year just might be giving way to T-Mobile rumors in frustration. But hey, Apple has to release the iPhone on another carrier eventually right? I think everyone is getting sick of how long this exclusivity contract has lasted. Expect the iPhone to come to another carrier in less than a year, but don’t believe everything you read. It gets disappointing after a while once you realize that in the smartphone world, dreams don’t always come true.

Drop a comment on whether or not you think T-Mobile will get an iPhone anytime soon.

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