T-Mobile wants the Ideos and who can blame them

Toward the end of last week Huawei announced a new mobile device called the Ideos at the IFA in Berlin. The Ideos is an Android running smart phone and takes a cue from the Google Nexus One with no “skins”. Huawei left the platform untouched as the stripped interface would be what most Android users ask for and will provide for timely OS updates from Google as their own software is not in the way. The device is slated to run Froyo out of the bag and is relatively cheap in the world of smart phones.

But it looks like the folks over at T-Mobile see the potential in the Ideos. The Ideos is a 2.8 inch touch screen device, with a set of screen based soft keys and a set of physical keys to accommodate. Before you read about further specs keep in mind it is indeed a Froyo rocking device and does not include HTC Sense or MotoBlur just good old Android, but there’s always a downside right? The Idoes 2.8 touch screen carries a 320×240 resolution, a 3.2MP camera, a 528MHz processor, HSDPA 3G, Hotspot, Wi-Fi and a place for your Micro SD memory.

When the news of the Ideos broke it was unsure as to where the device would end up, however recent reports published by the Wall Street Journal states that Huawei and T-Mobile are in talks about the future of the Ideos. The report goes on to state that if the two companies do conclude to work together on this device the world could potentially see it release around the holidays. Perfect planning on T-mobiles part, as the going price on this unit was presumed to be around 150 to 175, but if you add a contract into that mix, you could assume a price point of around 50 bucks. Pretty cheap huh?

I think this Ideos fits T-Mobile’s bill quite perfectly. Multiple colors, a low end Android device, affordable, and oh y the way try finding another entry level Android that’s running 2.2 out of the box.

Anyone care? The Ideos may be a good gift idea for someone this year? No..ok sorry.

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