T-Mobile HSPA+ phone comes to light

Yesterday T-Mobile launched a teaser webpage with a silhouette of their first HSPA+ phone, leaving much to be pondered. But as always, the interwebs have seemed to put a physical picture to the mysterious device. Keep it a secret all you want T-Mobile, but don’t be mad when it leaks!

The teaser website was dissected and broken down via source code and lead most to believe that the new HSPA+ phone from T-Mobile would be called the Vision of the recently leaked G1 Blaze. But pictures leaked today from Android Central have the rumor lines a little blured right about now. The source or tipster from Android Central is claiming that the above pictured device goes by the name myTouch 3G HD. The rumored device is a non QWERTY touch based HTC phone and looks to be pleasing to the eye to say the least. Android Centrals source states that the mystery device is essentially a myTouch 3G sans the slide out full QWERTY keyboard, and obviously sports an HSPA+ radio for 4G like speeds. Looking at the mystery unit, it shows to have a five key button configuration at the base of the phone, and shows to have the ‘mytouch’ button on the bottom right. An optical “track” pad shows to be evident in the center of the unit, and a button on the side is presumably “slaved” to the devices camera. Also looking at the picture it seems that there is most likely a front facing camera toward the top near the phones ear piece.

None of the information on the mystery phone is confirmed and the picture could simply be a mock up of a Photoshop crazy T-Mobile customer simply wishing. However the silhouette pictured on the teaser page and the silhouette of this leaked device sure do seem very similar.

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