T-Mobile drops price on Garmin Phone, but will anyone notice?

Back in May Garmin and T-Mobile announced their newest offering in that of the Garmin-Asus. While it is the only phone on the market that is clearly sporting some of the best navigation around, it is pretty obvious that its launch and visibility are not doing so well.

Two months after the release of the second generation Garminfone, the price of the device has dropped at no surprise to really anyone. The first Garmin phone to release was the Nuvifone, which did not do particularly well under the At&t moniker. So what to do in that situation if you are Garmin? It’s simple really, add Android and send the phone to a different carrier. T-Mobile announced the new Asus back in May and in regard to the news this morning of the price drop; it is pretty evident that the Garmin model is stagnant on T-Mobiles shelf. So what to do in this situation? The only thing you can do, drop the price. When officially launched in May the new Garmin-Asus was priced at 200 bucks with a new contract. A short two months later the price has been dropped to a more reasonable 129 and the usual contract time frame still applies. But it is hard to tell if the Garmin based GPS is worth anything to smart phone shoppers.

With the advent of app stores, it is hard to say that you will need Garmin GPS. Now don’t get me wrong I understand that Garmin’s GPS is legendary and one of if not the best in navigation industry. Most people that would be interested in this model probably already have a Garmin and or Tom Tom in their cars. So the thought of needing a phone that can do the same is, well, redundant.

So tell me what you think?

Does the price drop on the new Garmin phone mean you will be picking one up?

I for one still think that the price is too high, this phone would do better under the free moniker, or would it?

Sound off let us know what you think of the new Garmin Asus!

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