T-Mobiles G2 Spotted in the Wild


It feels like only yesterday that T-Mobile launched a teaser site somewhat exposing their new HSPA+ phone. The tease has actually been fore-playing with our minds since back in July. A few days back T-Mobile exposed some details of the new HSPA+ giving it its official G2 name and letting the interested sign up for further information as it is released. Well the information Engadget has uncovered, you can find by signing up for no stinking email list.

It was only a matter of time that the G2 would rear its pretty head and besides its T-Mobile, they love leaks. But a few days later and some pictures of the G2 have emerged. Initially T-Mobile launched a teaser site for their first HSPA+ phone sometime back in July, from there the rumors flew and speculation ensued. However at the same time pictures of the HTC Vision and or G1 Blaze were surfacing and putting two and two together, most were under the assumption that the Vision or the G1 Blaze would be the unannounced phone. Just two days ago T-Mobile updated the teaser site and gave a name to their first ever HSPA+ phone, the G2. But looking at the pictures here today it seems that two and two still equal what the initial assumption was. The new G2 is essentially an American version of the HTC Vision or G1 Blaze. So what’s up with the G2? Well other than these pictures, all that is known of the unit is it has a 3.7 inch display and a sliding full QWERTY keyboard.

The long awaited replacement to the G1 series, looks to be a fitting replacement if I do say so myself. If we are to believe that this is the new G2, well then bravo HTC, it looks good. Actually it kind of looks like mash up of a few phones you have made, but I get it.

Tell us what you think of the leaked pics of the new G2, is it for you? Or does it look to sleek and sexy for you?

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