T-Mobile’s G2 Getting Update, MyTouch 3G Too (Updated)

Two of T-Mobile’s smartphones running Android OS will be getting software updates. These over the air updates (OTA) for the myTouch 3G and the G2 are huge. Both models are made by HTC. The myTouch 3G will start its OTA update tomorrow to bring its Android OS version to 2.2 ‘Froyo’. The T-Mobile software update for the G2 adds mobile Wi-Fi calling and tethering features. This update started this morning and appears to be moving out slowly, but like with the myTouch 3G Froyo update, is expected to take at least several days to get to everyone.

Android 2.2 Froyo brings lots of new features, Flash Player and more. It had looked like the myTouch might not be getting Froyo, but it’s good to see that is not the case. Version ‘Gingerbread’ of Android OS will be arriving in the first part of 2011. The one coming to myTouch users is version 2.2, a big improvement over their current version, 2.1 ‘Eclair’.

Be patient, the update might not appear for everyone for a few days, as carriers normally OTA over several days to all customers to avoid network congestion and prevent every user from being hit with technical difficulties if the OTA goes wrong.

It remains to be seen if the myTouch 3G will be supported for Gingerbread, as the smartphone has already been replaced by a new model, the myTouch HD. The myTouch HD goes on sale for the holidays, and brings what amounts to 3.5G network data speeds and a front facing camera for video calling, among over improvements.

The newly released T-Mobile G2’s software update is reported to bring mobile hotspot creation features, or native tether and Wi-Fi calling. The tethering features will allow you to use your smartphone as a 3G hotspot which your laptop computer can then connect to via W-Fi. The calling over Wi-Fi features have not gotten official pricing plans, but may end up free on Android OS smartphones, which T-Mobile plans to eventually load the software to do so onto all of its models.

Glad your myTouch 3G finally is getting Froyo and the Flash features? Hoping for Gingerbread as well? Or how about your G2? Get your update yet? Plan to use Wi-Fi calling? Let me know in the comments. Let’s hope that they can get the bugs worked out of Wi-Fi calling. Anyone else think that T-Mobile might end up the Wi-Fi network? You know, where people buy prepaid ‘cellular’ minutes but get to use their Wi-Fi to keep their costs down. An interesting idea.


T-Mobile has now released a statement saying that Wi-Fi calling and tethering are not supported right now on the HTC G2. They went on to say that they are working on getting them to G2 users in the future. Some G2 users have gotten the update and it is not clear if T-Mobile is stopping the update for the moment because of discovered bugs or if they are still secretly rolling it out. Long story short, it might take longer than you want to get your Wi-Fi features on your G2. At least T-Mobile looks committed to getting the features out to everyone eventually.

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