T-Mobile’s G2 ROM gets exposed with Google Voice goodies

The T-Mobile G2 made its official picture debut about ten days ago. The amazingly slim, full QWERTY and oddly sliding G2 is seemingly making the expected rounds to find itself on T-Mobiles network as their first HSPA+ device. The unit is made by HTC sports some unique hardware features and looks to be a sexy device to say the least. But what it packs on the inside is a little more important, at least for now.

The G2’s ROM has leaked, how? Not quite sure, but following the leak leads one back to the 911sniper.blog , which has produced some nice leaks in the past. However, the leaked ROM has brought some Google App flashing to the world and is surely a plus for any Google Voice users, who happen to be using an Android phone. With a look inside the new G2 it is said that it truly is a “with Google” phone as pretty much every Google app can be found inside. But one part of the Google app bundle that is making its way into the hearts and minds of some Android users is the Widgets for Google Voice. The new Google Voice Widgets will chill on your home screen and let you know how much money you have on your Google Voice account and will give you quick access to Google Voice’s functionality. Exposed buttons for quick access to composing a message, accessing to your inbox and even the settings for your Google Voice are easily accessible via the advent of these really excellently cool widgets. Also one touch accessibility to turn Google Voice off.

So if you’re a Google Voice using freak like me, go check out this leak. XDA has the download here; forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=767084.

Install them suckers and let us know what you’re thinking of the advent of Google Voice now!

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