T-Mobile announces G2 makes things official

In the past weeks information has been leaking all over the place about the new HSPA+ device T-Mobile is offering up. Well, T-Mobile has officially patched those leaks as they have announced the HTC G2 via a good old fashioned press release. The G2 has gone by many names, in the months leading up to today, however, officially the G2 is real and coming to a T-Mobile network near you.

The G2 is an HTC manufactured device and will be the first HSPA+ enabled device for T-Mobile. The new G2 is a unique device, sporting a 3.7 inch touch screen that’s “slides” out on a very unique hinge of sorts, exposing the full QWERTY keypad, equipped with Google based quick keys. T-Mobiles press release puts the processor rumors to rest and states that the new G2 carries a MSM7230 Snapdragon processor, which runs at 800 MHz. The new G2 carries a 5 MP camera that has 720p recording capabilities. The G2 will come equipped with 4GB of internal storage and will ship with an 8GB micro-SD card installed and can support up to 32GB.  Swype comes preinstalled, as well as a pretty much all of Google’s mobile apps. We have seen the likes of Google Voice being fully integrated with the new G2, but this puppy comes with it all. From the release “Google services include Google Search, Gmail™, Google Maps™ with Places and Navigation, YouTube™, Google Talk™ and Google Earth”.  It seems as if this G2 will be running stock Android 2.2, the G2 sans HTC’s Sense UI surely makes this a device to take a look at, smaller processor or not.

According to the press release the G2 will be up for pre-order soon, “Exclusive preorder for current T-Mobile customers begins later this month”.  So get your wallets ready as the G2 will run you about 200 bucks with a new contract.

Let us know, still interested? I know I surely am no Sense, or Blur or Touch wiz… no tomfoolery at all just good old Android. Sound off and tell my why you love or hate the new G2. Oh and if you wanted to check out the whole press release check it out here; press.t-mobile.com/articles/T-Mobile-G2-with-Google

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