T-Mobile’s G2 officially exposed

The T-Mobile G2 has been put through the ringer lately. With its initial teaser site being launched and broken down into many different theories as to what it is, it looks like the G2 has been officially pictured. Slated to be the very first HSPA+ running device on T-Mobiles new network the G2 looks good.

A few days back Engadget got their hands on some leaked pictures of the G2. The pictures revealed what was to be the new T-Mobile G2 via HTC. Today however brings the world new pictures that are seemingly leaks of some official press shots of the device.  The G2 is a highly anticipated release out of T-Mobile as G1 users have been longing for a full QWERTY device with some punch. The site that caught the G2 pics’ CellPhoneSignal.Com is stating that they expect the G2 to be available in only the color shown. Like a silver or slate color. Would be nice to see some other colors, but I’m sure anyone in the know could settle with high speeds over color options. Say like 11Mbps, fast work for you? Personally it is hard for me to believe that other colors would not be available, considering the likes of the G1 as well as the myTouch 3G. The G2 is an Android OS running HTC phone with HTC Sense implemented, it carries a 3.7 inch Active Matrix OLED display, a 1GHz SnapDragon processor, a full QWERTY keypad via its slide function, a 5MP camera, 3G HSPA+, Wi-Fi, Hotspot functionality, aGPS and good ol’ Bluetooth 2.1.

The G2 will indeed impress some end users and will surely be the topic of much discussion as the release date gets closer. Oh and in case you’re wondering, the last time I checked the rumored release date was set for September 29th.

Only time will tell, however, as rumors taste like salt. So what do you think of the new G2? Look appealing? I personally know some G1 users that have been waiting for this device. You one?

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