T-Mobile G1 Blaze?

From time to time when the forces that be allow, the interwebs get the chance to show off some goods that are not officially announced. Today brings us a leaked picture of a new HTC Android operating smart phone that sports a cool demeanor and T-Mobile branding.

Engadget.com has posted a picture of a leaked phone with T-Mobile branding that assumes that position of the next full QWERTY to come out of the company. While the new device is nameless per say, Engadgets tipster goes on to state that T-Mobile could very well be name the device the “G1 Blaze”. With more and more QWERTY Androids hitting the market, it seems that another will make its home on the HSPA+ network provided by T-Mobile. Pictures of this un-official device have shown face in the past, under the rumored name the HTC Vision. However, those pictures did not reveal carrier, at this point there is no telling whether this full QWERTY Android will make it to the states or if it will state European based with T-Mobile Europe. It is rumored that the new G1 Blaze is running a 1GHZ Snapdragon processor, and would not be surprising as this is essentially the standard at this point. Other unofficially tid-bits about the unit claim that the G1 Blaze with its full QWERTY will be running with a 3.7 WGVA screen. Pictures reveal a Touch Pro 2 esq, QWERTY and a navigation pad similar to what is found on the newer MyTouch 3G from T-Mobile.

The rumors of this phone have shown their face in the past, and at this point it is unknown exactly where it will end up, but at least we know at this point it will be T-Mobile based and run pretty fast. So keep an eye out, and check back for any updates as a new full QWERTY monster is headed to T-Mobile.

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