T-Mobile Customer Service Number One

So in this world of the carrier wars fighting for your business, you can find solace in knowing that your carrier has the best coverage, or your carrier has the best phones. But when you think of other things your carrier does or does not do, how do you feel?

If you have ever had a bad experience on the phone with a customer service representative you most likely came out of the conversation with a biased opinion on the company you were calling. This is simply the law of the land, as the customer service people are the front line for the company. So if you were getting a new TV and the Best Buy associate was not helpful for you at all, that’s simple enough just go to Fry’s or a different electronics store. But what if this problem persists with your cell phone carrier? It’s not that easy or cheap to refuse business to your carrier. T-Mobile does not seem to have an issue with this, there coverage is stellar there phone line up is, well OK and there pricing is very competitive. But what T-Mobile now holds is the top spot amongst customer service rankings. J.D. Power and Associates has recently stated that T-Mobile is the highest ranking wireless carrier in “Over All Customer Care Performance”. So congratulations to T-Mobile, raise a glass and toast to that.

Normally when speaking to a T-Mobile customer they have a hard time finding something negative to say, and usually ends up a rant about the phone line up or lack of selection. Mainly there’s no iPhone. But pretty normally T-Mobile customers are quite satisfied, so T-Mobile you have your customers, they love you. Now step up the line up and you will be sailing, no worries on the 4G thing, HSPA+ will be fine.

Are you a T-Mobile customer?

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