T-Mobile accessory list sheds some light on future

T-Mobile is indeed planning a fun filled holiday season.  A recently leaked picture from TmoNews is showing off a list of accessories that are implying some pretty cool information in regard to some devices the world has been looking for. The site is claiming the dates on this list of accessories are when the actual accessories will ship and or be received by stores. Now keep in mind that most accessories hit stores or inventory sometimes weeks in advance, case in point the Droid 2 cases that appeared in Best Buy awhile back.

So what is on the list that makes it this exciting? Look at it. The list shows off a slew of different devices some of them have been spotted, rumored and or fully exposed and others are completely unknowns and are indeed intriguing. The unknowns would be the Comet, which is listed here as a pack of screen protectors, with no manufacturer listed so we can only ponder. From there another unknown would be the Dell Claire, which is being rumored by Engadget as T-Mobiles version of the Streak, time will tell. One last unknown from Motorola the Begonia will see its case options soon. Accessories are listed for the HTC HD7 which has been rumored in the past as a Windows Phone 7 device from HTC. The most boring out of the bunch, the Blackberry Bold 9780 (sorry but its true) is listed to be getting some accessories in November. The Motorola Jordan which has come into the light as the Defy will also be getting some accessories early November.

So there you have it. Now again this is only a list of accessories. But it looks as if T-Mobiles holiday season will be one to remember. The HD7, a Comet, a Dell Claire, a Motorola Defy and Begonia, a Blackberry Bold 9780, an LG Optimus T and a partridge in a pear tree. Just in time for the holidays. Oh and TmoNews has another device “hanging around” presumably on that list they will share with the world tomorrow, wonder what it could be?

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