T-Mobile covers 85 Million Americans with 4G speeds under HSPA+ technology

In the news recently is T-Mobile, the fourth largest carrier on US soil. The company has come under some scrutiny lately as its competitors are pushing for official 4G technology to be implemented within the next few months. But T-Mobile has not made a 4G announcement, so what gives? HSPA+ that’s what.

In the world of milk and honey, you have to stay one step ahead of your competitors, and even your allies in some cases. Sprint understood this and took the WiMAX bull by the horns and “sprinted” as fast as they could to the 4G finish line, and while they are still far from that finish line they are surely ahead of the curve. Verizon’s LTE will be launching soon and most are expecting their coverage to catch up to Sprints pretty fast all things considered. At&t who will be rolling out their LTE technology sometime in the future just can’t keep their nose out of things. Stating in the past that T-Mobile should be careful not to mislead their customers into thinking HSPA+ is 4G.  I think Engadget said it best, let’s just call it “3.95G” in regard to the HSPA+ coverage offered up by T-Mobile. The latest new from the race to 4G, has had T-Mobile come out and state that their “HSPA+ Network Now Delivers Broadest Reach of 4G Speeds in U.S.” With the news of HSPA+ expanding, T-Mobile just wanted to remind everyone (At&t included) that its HSPA+ coverage will now offer 4G speeds to more customers than any other wireless carrier in the country. T-Mobile states that they are covering up to 85 million American based customers with 4G speeds. And states the plan is to add about a cool 100 million to that customer base by the end of 2011. Now if were keeping track, this means T-Mobile is looking to hook up about 185 million customers with 4G speeds.

Literally speaking HSPA+ is not 4G and is just slightly slower than WiMAX and or LTE. But when the world is about to count you out, there’s only one thing you can do. And that is fight harder!

T-Mobiles HSPA+ is one of the best data connections I have ever used,

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