Symbian is a sinking ship?

News that Symbian is losing its floating capabilities should come to no surprise to any American cell phone user. However what us silly Americans may not know is that the Symbian operating system is the dominate platform when looking at the world as a whole. But according to a little write up from Gartner’s Nick Jones, Symbians boat may be in danger of getting overrun and a little green robot is seemingly taking the helm.

The Symbian platform is literally known the world over and has done quite well in the past, but its numbers are on the decline. In the report posted by Jones, he states that “The rate at which Symbian is losing share is accelerating”. Putting the companies’ findings of Symbians staying power even lower on the totem poll, basically saying that Symbian will stay dominant for a couple more years but is dealing with an amazing set of competitors and the little green Android is gaining “fast”. Now we know this comes as no surprise to most, but the common problem amongst Symbians OS is simply the user experience it generates. Think of how it looks and feels when you turn on your Apple iPhone or even you’re Droid Incredible, its “cool” just to look at, you don’t even need to push any of the buttons. This is quite the opposite if you have ever seen a Symbian based mobile phone. At least up until recently, Jones goes on to mention that when looking at Symbians future plans it is quite evident that they see the issues they face. The power of Symbian is undeniable, the UI however is lacking and when looking at their plans as far as an outsider can see, they know it’s time for an update and we will most likely see that in the near future.

It is pretty safe to say that the Symbian OS will not be going anywhere in the future, however in order to compete with the likes of Apple and it crony Android new ideas that go far beyond what is implemented now would need to be in place.

Do you use a Symbian based phone?

What do you think of Symbian taking second place to Android in world dominance?

Is it bound to happen or is this unforeseeable?

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