Symbian gets the axe on Nokias N series

It has recently been reported by Cnet Australia, that Nokia will drop their Symbian operating system in place of their new MeeGo OS. Nokia stated this in a recent interview with Cnet. The N8 will be the last of the N series Nokias that will run the classic Symbian operating system.

Nokia as of recently has been lurking in troubled water, no real cause for concern as they still sell the most phones worldwide. However the Symbian operating system will no longer run on Nokias popular N-Series models and will be replaced by the MeeGo operating system. The change in operating systems for the N-series leave the Symbian OS version 3 to run on only the X and E-Series devices. Nokia is still working on the Symbian OS4 and should be releaseing sometime in the future. The Nokia N9 will be the first of the N-Series lineup that will run the MeeGo operating system. MeeGo for those that don’t know is an operating system that was thought up by Nokia in conjunction with the good people at Intel. The platform was first shown off at the Intel Developer Forum 2010 in Beijing, showing the platform across not only mobile phones but net books and TV’s as well.

The Symbian OS will not completely disappear and is expected for an update soon. The Symbian OS will now find its home on more “marketable” models that Nokia plans to further push to the masses. Nokia’s plan with this abrupt change is to use the Symbian OS as a selling point to attract more Smartphone users, as the Symbian OS will essentially ride the “flagship” phones.

Are you using the Symbian OS, let us know what you think of MeeGo

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