StumbleUpon Your iPhone

StumbleUpon has finally just seen the light of day for iPhone (and iOS users in general) via a new app that is available on the iTunes App Store for free. Plus, for Android OS users out there, it is available on your platform too. Right now it is rated 4 1/2 stars out of 5 with 42 reviews on iTunes. Not too shabby. I’ve used StumbleUpon’s add-on for FireFox and Google’s Chrome browser before and have wasted countless hours entertaining myself by clicking ‘Stumble’ and browsing what other users have recommended so I was excited to try out the iOS app.


Of course, as I installed the new StumbleUpon app on my iPod touch to try out, I noticed that Apple released a new Terms of Service (TOS) agreement that now stretches out to 55 pages on iOS and was not happy about that, as I feel like I need a lawyer to tell me if I just signed away my soul to Steve Jobs, but I digress. Here’s a review and overview of the new app.

After installing StumbleUpon, you simply login with your StumbleUpon account (if you don’t have one it’ll ask for your email, new user name, password, date of birth, gender and if you want friends to be able to find you via email. I clicked no to the email part since I’ve become a bit of a privacy nut lately with Facebook and every other website wanting to know all about me. While not a big deal, the current version of the software is a little buggy when it comes to the login. I had to back out via the home button once to get rid of the onscreen keyboard once. The onscreen cursor also didn’t want to focus on the right stuff a couple of times. I expect StumbleUpon to fix this pretty quickly.

After the login processor, you select some categories that you are interested in. I chose ‘Bizarre/Oddities,’ ‘Computers,’ ‘Electronic Devices,’ ‘Gadgets,’ ‘Humor,’ ‘Internet,’ Mythology,’ and  ‘Philosophy’ from the list of the 60 most popular topics to start off and hit ‘Start Stumbling.’ My first ‘Stumble’ landed me on a page titled ‘How to Tick People Off.’ While it was interesting, it wasn’t quite my cup of tea.

My next stumble (stumbles are controlled by the icon in the upper right corner, with like/dislike buttons at the top and ‘home’ in the right) landed me at a YouTube video showing men competing by sprinting with ladders and climbing up a number of vertical walls in a race with the ladders. Kind of interesting. I gave the video a thumbs up and stumbled again. (Stumble is a verb now in case you didn’t get the memo from the Internet.) This time I got a website listing “The books which defined the way we think now.” Pretty cool. I’ll be sure to use this app whenever I am bored and looking for something cool to do online. Plus, the app has its own limited browser which keeps my Safari Mobile from looking like a train wreck of unrelated sites.

Overall, I like the new app. Check it out since it is free after all and leave a comment telling me what you think of it. StumbleUpon going to find a home on your iOS device?

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