No Storm3 9570 from BlackBerry: Mini PlayBook Maybe?

The rumors about the now canceled BlackBerry Storm3 described an amazing device. The Storm3 9570 that was leaked and then canceled by BlackBerry maker Research In Motin (RIM) was definitely not the device the rumors were talking about. Being a simple Storm2 refresh designed to allow BlackBerry OS 6 to run on Verizon’s CDMA network, it kept everything we hated about the Storm series and barely updated the specs.

The good news about the Storm 9570 being canceled is that the BlackBerry PlayBook is real. Don’t follow? The PlayBook is a huge change from what RIM has offered its customers. With its high-end specs and brand new BlackBerry Tablet OS that RIM’s recently acquired QNX Software Systems is building, it is a BlackBerry that can possibly directly compete against the iPad and the coming Android tablets. While it might be geared towards business customers, so was the entire line of BlackBerry smartphones at one time. Then RIM realized that the rest of us wanted one too.

Since RIM has already hinted several times that future BlackBerry smartphones could end up running the new operating system and the original Storm3 rumors all described a LTE (long term evolution or 4G) capable touchscreen quite unlike the leaked and canceled Storm 9570, this could mean a mini PlayBook or Storm3 sharing quite a bit of the PlayBook’s OS and design might just be on the horizon. We will have to wait to see if this actually materializes, it would not surprise me.

The current BlackBerry OS 6 is not what RIM wants to power its smartphones in the future and the company is starting to think that the QNX Tablet OS for the PlayBook might be just the ticket. What’s to stop them from scaling it down for Verizon and putting in a LTE radio? Future PlayBook models will have cellular connections so you know someone is going to try to use it as as phone anyway.

Let’s hope RIM still has a Storm3 up its sleeve. Tell me what you think of the possibilities.

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