Will the Real Storm 3 Please Stand up? Two are Coming

The BlackBerry Storm 3 is not dead yet. According to analyst company Jefferies & Co., a Storm 3 model will probably be released at the end of November 2010. The Storm 3 9570 that had been expected to be a refresh of the Storm 2 9550 on Verizon Wirelesses network was canceled near the beginning of this month. What is the difference between the Storm 3 that is coming out and the canceled one? Not that much actually.

The canceled Storm 3 model was the one that was going to have SurePress touchscreen technology. The one that is coming out soon will be nearly identical but have 512 MB of RAM, a touchscreen made with the same technology as the Bold 9800 Torch’s, and BlackBerry OS 6. Things get even more interesting if you can believe it. Jefferies is claiming that a third Storm model is in the works and it has a “new iPhone-like form factor, but slimmer.” To simplify, three Storm models were being built: one with SurePress was canceled, one is coming in November with BB OS 6 and one that will be more similar to the iPhone (possibly even running a smartphone version of the QNX BlackBerry Tablet OS) will come out later in 2011. Phew.

That have your BlackBerry addiction going yet? This is of course on top of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet that will come out early next year.  But wait, it gets even better. A BlackBerry PlayBook 2 is also in the works to follow the original PlayBook later next year! This might be the model with a cellular radio that RIM has already mentioned.

Research In Motion (RIM)—the company that builds the BlackBerry line of smartphones—is also working on the idea of virtual Android OS to allow its future devices to run Android apps. I don’t know how Google would feel about it, but anyone else a little tired of the apps on the BlackBerry App World? RIM desperately needs more apps and its new QNX Tablet OS is quite capable of running virtual machines inside of it. After all, QNX Software Systems was recently purchased by RIM to build the new operating system and the company is quite proficient at building massive, virtual machines to control things like nuclear power plants and the like.

Ready for the real Storm3 to show up? I am. Can’t wait for the Storm 4 (?) to be running QNX BlackBerry OS? Me neither. Too good to be true? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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