Storm 3 and 4 On the Way from RIM: BlackBerry OS 6 and QNX Tablet OS to Power Them

Research In Motion Inc. (RIM)—the maker of the popular BlackBerry smartphone—canceled the Storm 3 9570 recently. It was supposed to come out for Verizon Wireless and be a refresh of the Storm 2. The Storm 2 is incapable of running the new BlackBerry OS 6 adequately and the Storm 9570 was supposed to be a stop-gap until RIM’s next generation of devices came out with BB OS 6 on them from the start. Now it is being reported that both a new Storm 3 and Storm 4 are under construction up in RIM’s Canadian headquarters.

An October or November release time is expect for the Storm 3. It will be pretty much just like the Storm 9570 that was canceled but lack SurePress technology and instead use the touchscreen technology from the BlackBerry Torch 9800. An expected 624 MHz Marvell Processor and 512 MB of RAM will find their way into the new model along with a 5 megapixel camera.

The Storm 4 (?) on the other hand, is slated for a first half of 2011 launch and will be running a version of QNX’s BlackBerry Tablet OS. RIM recently acquired QNX Software Systems and wasted no time to putting them to work on a completely new operating system. Besides just the obvious difficulties of making a new, different OS that works familiarly enough so that veteran BlackBerry users don’t feel alientated, QNX also has to deal with things like larger touchscreen only devices like the coming BlackBerry PlayBook, Adobe’s Flash (hardware accelerated even on the PlayBook) and multiple processor codes (again, on the PlayBook). Since RIM wants to get the new OS onto all of its smartphones in the next couple of years, these are design problems QNX is addressing now. Be patient. It might even be able to run virtual Android OS machines inside of its own operating system.

While the technical specs of the Storm 4 are unknown, the rumors floating about regarding RIM’s plans with the device talk about LTE (long term evolution or 4G) network abilities, mobile hotspot features and a dual-core processor. Why can’t RIM make a mini PlayBook? That certainly should be the successor to the Storm series.

Let me know what you want. Was SurePress your favorite part of the touchscreen on the Storm? Worried about how transitioning to a new operating system will go? Just want a touchscreen BlackBerry with BB OS 6 already?

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