StarCraft 2 on Your iPhone Anyone?

Everyone loves StarCraft. Okay, maybe not quite everyone, but unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade and a few, you have probably heard of the StarCraft franchise. It is one of the most successful in gaming history after all. But what does a PC game have to do with the iPhone? There is going to be an app for that.

iOS developer Daniel Hellerman is currently working on an app that would allow people to play StarCraft 2 from their iOS devices. No, he is not porting StarCraft 2 to iOS, he is implementing iOS devices as glorified remote controls to play StarCraft 2 games that are running on a PC. In this case, the iPhone (or whatever your iOS flavor of choice happens to be) fully controls all of the action on the go.

Called the StarCraft 2 Gameboard, the app is expected to launch sometime this September. Blizzard (the developer of the StarCraft and Diablo franchises) might not want people playing StarCraft 2 through 3rd party methods so whether or not this will actually be allowed to work is still unknown. You have to admit though, it is a brilliant idea even if it ultimately flops due to technical issues, Blizzard patching things to prevent it from working or just the sheer difficulty of running a full blown PC strategy game from the touchscreen only iPhone family. Let’s hope it works out though.

With even Sony taking shots at Apple’s iOS in a new PSP commercial, the era of iOS gaming is slowly coming. Sure, plenty of iOS games have been available since nearly the beginning of the iPhone, but developers and fans are starting to see the platform seriously and full of potential. After all, the iPhone 4 smokes the PSP and is arguably one of the most powerful handheld gaming systems available. Now we just need people to make some serious games for it.

Gimmick or groundbreaking? Let me know what you think of the StarCraft 2 Gameboard and if you are interesting in testing it out sometime in September.

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