Sprint Epic 4G on sale today

The wait is finally over my QWERTY loving freaks. The newest 4G phone to hit the market is doing so today. One of the last Samsung Galaxy S devices to be released in the states –waiting on Verizon’s Fascinate- is being sold as I type and you read. For awhile the rumors churned, the speculators were speculating and the info leaked. For the past week or so pretty much all info for the Epic 4G has been discovered, but now it gets into the real world.

The Sprint Epic 4G is one fourth of the Galaxy S line up that was brought state side by the folks over at Samsung. The Epic 4G is arguably the better model out of the Galaxy lineup, other than its sliding full QWERTY keypad it carries a flash for its camera. However, the Epic 4G will run you about 250 bucks. This is after instant savings and a mail in rebate. Yes, that pretty expensive, considering most high end phones of the day run about 200 bucks. But one way or the other, that’s the price when signing on to a new contract via Sprint. Keep in mind 4G will cost you an additional 10 bucks a month. Keep in mind that if you’re not really feeling that extra 50 bucks – I’m not either – Amazon is selling the Epic 4G as expected for 199.99, so you’ll save going with Amazon. So in case you didn’t know the Epic 4G is a very nice device, it carries a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, a 4 inch AMOLED display, slider with full QWERTY oh and 4G.

Will you be picking up the newest 4G device from Sprint? If so get back to us and let us know how you like it.

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