Sprints Epic 4G good for the gander

If you were one of the gooses that picked up the QWERTY rocking Epic 4G, congrats as you’ve got yourself one hell of a phone and you helped Sprint put another phone in there trophy case. The Epic 4G release three days ago, and while the numbers are not posted as to how many sales were made Sprint was so excited about the sales they issued a statement to the press about its Epic release.

The Epic 4G according to the 4G toting Sprint was the one of the best selling devices they have seen when breaking it down to first day sales. Big ups to Sprint as they surely seem ecstatic about the sales and responses they have gotten from the device. The press release goes on to boast statements of overall success of the device and continues to add some value to the device by pointing out its greatness. Why not right one more time, the Epic 4G is the one and only Samsung Galaxy S device that rocks a full QWERTY keypad in a slider form factor, it sports a 4” AMOLED screen that is purty as a new born, 1GHz Hummingbird processor and oh yea its only the second phone in the lands that can pick up some super fast 4G speeds. The Epic 4G is priced at 250 bucks, but if you’re looking to save a few bucks check Amazon, they have it for 50 dollars cheaper.

Epic 4G did you pick one up? How do you like it at this point? Impressed or is just another smart phone? Let us know why you think Sprints so happy!

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