Sprint’s Unlimited Data Plans to stay truly unlimited even in the wake of the iPhone 5

We all know the iPhone 5 is slated to launch in the coming months and the hype surrounding its rumors is getting thick. While nothing about its build and or its destiny on alternate carriers is confirmed, the assumption is we will see the likes of Apple’s next generation iPhone on carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile. The iPhone has been a one and then two carrier device for most of its life span but it’s time for it to spread its wings. Shortly after the launch on At&t and Verizon the iPhone had these carriers restructuring their data plans that ultimately removed unlimited data from the equation. Good call for the companies, bad for us power users. As Sprint is the only truly unlimited game still in town it will be interesting to see their game plan when the iPhone 5 arrives.

The iPhone 5 will be coming to Sprint. We say that with logical conviction and the backing of numerous reports. But the question of what will happen to Sprints unlimited game is still up in the air, until today…maybe. According to Bloomberg, who also reported a Sprint iPhone would be available this year, the company will keep it’s truly unlimited packages even in the midst of the iPhone 5. According to Bloomberg’s sources, who are knee deep in the trenches of the deal, “Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) will offer Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone next month with unlimited data service plans to distinguish itself from rivals AT&T Inc. (T) and Verizon Wireless,”. Other details of the newly announced rumor state that Sprint will be going out of their way to put the iPhone in that sweet spot by delaying the launch of a 4G competitor on their network. News of a suspicious delay of the Sprint’s Blackberry Curve 9350 is playing into Bloomberg’s findings. But let’s face it. The Curve 9350 is not a 4G device and is surely not a competitor. When was that Sprint branded Galaxy S II supposed to launch again?

So no big deal right? Ma Bell and Big Red had unlimited plans in place before the dawn of the iPhone, and shortly after they capped, tiered and pretty much eliminated the unlimited equation right out of their policies. So the real question here is how long will Sprint be able to withstand the pressures of the exuberant amounts of data iPhone users use? Were taking bets here today…

 With Sprint’s iPhone 5 having an unlimited data package how many of you non Sprint iPhone users will make the switch. This is a huge advantage in the companies favor and I have a feeling many power users may do the carrier shuffle when the time comes. Are you? Oh and before you go rushing off into the wild blue yonder of the interwebs, check out our iPhone accessories to keep your current model all purty and stuff.

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