Sprint sees the “logic” in T-Mobile merger assuming LTE of course

Last week a writer for 24/7 Wall St claimed that T-Mobile could be subject to closing its doors by 2011. The rumors and information stem from multiple problems facing the company. A down shift in customer base and the apparent lack of future plans for the 4G future is making a merger of the major carrier more likely as time passes.

Recently the CEO of Sprint Dan Hesse has been in the news speaking with the press on mainly their EVO delays and how it affects their companies’ head start to 4G dominance. It seems however Hesse is keeping the attention on his company. In another interview today with the Financial Times, Hesse expressed his opinion on Sprints 4G future and stated that there is “logic” to a Sprint-T-Mobile merger. Sprint has mentioned a merge into LTE technology in the past and their partner Clearwire has also stated the room for interest back in 2009. In the interview with the Financial times, Hesse makes it clear that he is open to seeing the LTE technology running over the top or with the currently implemented WiMAX technology that Sprint has come to be known for. This would be cementing Hesse’s earlier statement of a Sprint T-Mobile merger being logical if both companies move to the LTE technology for the future generation their cellular networks.  T-Mobile has yet to state plans for the future of their network, no plans for their 4G future leaving the industry to assume they would need to merge with an already established 4G company. Of course the only real likely suspect in this case would be Sprint with their already established 4G and seemingly growing customer base, a merger of the sorts would put the two companies in line with a customer base that rivals At&t and Verizons in numbers. T-Mobiles “owners” Deutsche Telekom have been rumored in the past of talks of selling off their US based Tmo operations and what a better company to sell it to than Sprint.

While Hesse did not let any cats out of the bag a Sprint and T-Mobile merger has been brought to the round table in the past only to be turned down due to the two companies using different technology for their networks. If Sprints merge into LTE becomes reality, the possibility of a Sprint and T-mobile seems like a match made in towers.

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T-Mobile and Sprint merger, is it possible?

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I personally see this happening.

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