Sprint takes it to the roofs of NYC, showing off 4G infrastructure

Ah, 4G. We have heard about 4G technology and speeds for months, almost years. We all knew it was coming, but if I knew the anticipation would kill me this much I would have forgotten about it all together. But it is good to know that Sprint is hard at work implementing there 4G network all over the US. I’m sure in a small attempt to make sure no one forgets, Sprint has taken a minute out of there day to show off 4G implementation within the mean streets of NYC.

Sprint is getting NYC ready for 4G plain and simple. Oddly enough, we have seen At&T do the same type of video in the past, taking Youtuber’s around the world the top of a tall building to show off their network hardware. While 4G has indeed been implemented 4G in certain parts of the country, there is still many metropolitan areas that have not been made official. These areas – one which I live in – give the user a taste of 4G but not nearly enough to quench our thirsts, let alone make that extra ten bucks a month acceptable. Micheal Galluccio, a Sales Manager for New York Metro climbs to the top of a building in Hell’s Kitchen to introduce Ian Tarazi, the Vice President of Network who in turn shows off the what makes Sprints 4G network super fast.

Talk about a tease, check out the video and let us know what you think of the new teaser video from Sprint. Just flick the switch already Sprint!!

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