Sprint 4G LTE Starts to Trickle Out in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Back in 2010 in a world without 4G, Sprint also known as the Now Network took a stab in the darkness of the future with the likes of their WiMax 4G technologies. The company took a rather large gamble by making themselves the first mobile company to offer up 4G data speeds. The idea could have been a huge success and quite possibly could have helped Sprints contracts and profits, unfortunately the likes of HSPA+ and LTE seemingly won out the contest of future data speeds and even the yellow clad company switched their plans from Wimax to LTE. Unfortunately for most end users with LTE enabled Sprint phones have not had the juicy 4G to use. Luckily for us here in the greater Los Angeles area, it may be our time soon.

During my expeditions within this great county I have come across 4G connectivity with my Samsung Galaxy S III, but it has never been consistent. As of lately however in the Glendale, Silverlake area the connection has become stronger. Back in 2010 WiMax 4G showed up a bit prematurely on our HTC EVO 4Gin the greater LA area and was quite exciting as real 4G was rather limited to end users. Unfortunately however, the connection was rather slow only pulling at best 6.60 Mbps. Sprint has done it again by releasing 4G LTE devices and then playing a catch up with their services. Most recently the Now Network has flipped the 4G switch on in cities like Topeka, KS, Lawrence, Wichita, KS, Waukegan-Lake County, IL and Barnstable-Hyannis/Mid-Cape, MA. Within the likes of this rollout cities like our lovely Los Angeles should have seen 3G improvements from the company’s Network Vision plan which is implemented to improve 3G connectivity. So unofficially 4G LTE is available in select areas of Los Angeles, and the speeds you ask? Awesome! Using the standard Speedtest.net application, we have seen data speeds up to 13.90 Mbps on the high end and 5.08 Mbps on the low end. The kind of speed most Sprint customers have only dreamed of. Keep in mind the official roll out or “switch flipping” on Sprints network in the area is unofficial at this point, but proves to be considerably better than the 0.45 Mbps speeds we normally see over 3G.

So is anyone else seeing 4G LTE data speeds with Sprint in the LA area? Sound off in the comments below and remember that we carry the very best in Sprint accessories locally!

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