Even Sprint Has an iPhone—Kinda


Sprint wants in on the iPhone hoopla and has done the best that it can under the circumstances—the ZTE Peel case that goes on sale November 14th  can turn your iPod touch into an iPhone of sorts. The Peel works as an case that you put your iPod touch 2nd or 3rd generation into (the iPod touch 4 works as well, but doesn’t fit into the case). The Peel acts as a mobile 3G hotspot via Wi-Fi that your iPod touch then connects to. The result? 3G network connectivity via Wi-Fi for your iPod touch.

With one of the many VoIP apps available, you can use the Peel as a way to transform your iPod touch into a full blown iPhone…sort of. Even the iPod touch 4 works with the Peel, but will not fit into the custom case designed for the second and third generation iPod touches. However, up to two devices can be connected to the Peel’s Wi-Fi network, meaning you can have your iPod touch and your laptop all hooked up at once.

The downside to this ZTE Peel case is that is costs $80. On top of that, Sprint charges you $30 a month for 1 GB of data through it. That’s a pretty hefty price, especially when you consider that you will have to mess around with a bunch of nonsense to get VoIP calling, messaging and the like all working.

If you already have an iPod touch 3, consider the ZTE Peel case as an option if you don’t want to plop down the cash for a separate iPhone. Since the iPod touch 2 doesn’t have multitasking, doing VoIP, messaging and the like might be too much effort to bother with. To make a decision, figure out how much it would cost you to do what you usually do through an AT&T plan, then figure in the $30 a month cost for using the Peel. 1 GB of data is a pretty small amount.

What do you think of this Peel case? Turning iPod touches into iPhones has always been a hobby of the Internet but ultimately, it is usually far more hassle free to just get an iPhone. Besides, Wi-Fi drains battery life far quicker than 3G data connections do.

Let me know if you’re interesting in the possibilities of the iPod touch. Will a legitimate market open up to use these with 3G hotspots with VoIP solutions tacked on?

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