Sprint iPhone 4G?

Although there have been numerous reports about the iPhone’s exclusive contract with AT&T, rumors are spreading that several companies are still eyeing a deal with arguably the most popular smartphone company to date. This is not referring to the iPhone 4th generation but the iPhone 4G, the model that will actually be using 4G technology. Sprint is the most likely candidate for the iPhone 4G as it is currently the only carrier in the United States which has its own 4G network. However, given the timing, it is unlikely that this will occur soon.

The rumors were sparked off by a comment from a supposed employee from Best Buy stating,

“Sprint will be carrying the iPhone, beginning in June. They’ve begun to grease the wheels for advertising.” The employee refused to indicate which branch he worked as he did not wish to lose his job. Seems like a wise move on his part, considering all of the action which has occurred over the previous iPhone leaks.

As there is no other information which could validate or disprove this bit of news, readers are advised to take it with a grain of salt. There is a high likelihood that the employee is just pulling everyone’s leg but it does not mean that it is not plausible. In comparison with other carriers, Sprint already has a 4G network. A deal between the company and Apple Inc. would provide consumers better connectivity services as well as quicker data speeds.

Adding more networks which offer iPhones may be beneficial for both the carrier and Apple but it is highly unlikely that it will come this soon. AT&T offers iPhones using GSM while Sprint and Verizon both use CDMA. This means the iPhone has to be remanufactured to be compatible for both types. In addition, if there already has been a deal forged between Sprint and Apple, it is highly unlikely that they would not make it public as soon as possible.

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