Sanyo’s Innuendo comes to Sprints lineup

When taking a look at the new Sanyo phone coming to Sprints line up, all I can think is haven’t we seen this before with the Incognito? But, if it’s not broken right? The Incognito was first announced under Boost mobiles iDen network and did fairly well, if anyone remembers. I only say this based off of the fact I see the Incognito everywhere, not like the iPhone of course, but you get what I’m saying.

But low and behold Sprint is adding this Sanyo Innuendo to its feature phone line up. The new devices come to Sprint with some…well standard goodies. The Innuendo which is Sanyo branded but built by Kyocera is designed on a hinge and opens to a full QWERTY keyboard and 2.8 inch screen, while the front side of the device shows to have a 1.3 inch OLED display showing the time date and missed calls, with the remaining space being taken by a standard dialer which is almost invisible when not in action.  The Innuendo carries with it a 3.2 MP camera, an MP3 player, external memory via micro SD cards, which Sprint will pack with a 1GB card. The Innuendo comes with a slew of pre loaded Sprint apps as well, including Sprint Email, TV, GPS and others.  Sound exciting?

Well keep in mind someone you know may love this phone, and at 50 bucks with the cost of a new contract you should keep it in mind in the next few months as the holidays draw closer. With dedicated Facebook, MySpace and Twitter applications combined with its full QWERTY I can see Justin Beiber doing a commercial for this…or at least its most likely a good idea!!

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