Sprint makes Froyo official for your Samsung Epic 4G



The Samsung Epic 4G came into this world with much anticipation. Being the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S line having a full slide out QWERTY and 4G capabilities make this Epic 4G well…epic in its own right. Unfortunately however the Epic 4G did not ship with the then available Android version 2.2 and may have lost a few sales because of it. Well most all high end phones get an update and it seems that the Epic 4G will now have its chance to taste the sweetness of Google’s Froyo.

An official update to the Epics 4G OS is indeed a long awaited update and will be made available on February 21st, this according to a post made in Sprints forums by and admin for the company, it reads like this;

“Android 2.2/Froyo will be pushed to Sprint Samsung Epic 4G customers beginning Feb. 21. All users should have access to Android 2.2 by Feb. 25.”

“New Samsung Epic 4G MR EB13=upgrade to Android 2.2/Froyo, many updates including Flash Player 10.1, Bluetooth dialing, allows app installs to external storage”

The average user rating on this post within the forums is at 5 stars with 4 ratings at the time and for good reason. So Epic 4G users check you updates within the next few days as the taste of Froyo for the first time is delicious. With Gingerbread looming its head it’s safe to say Froyo is a bit 2010’ish but better late than never. Expect a speed boost in overall performance as well as full Flash content and apps to SD which is priceless. The Sanyo Zio is also rumored to be getting this update in the near future.

It’s been a long 7 months to those Epic 4G users in the know, however embrace it as the next Android upgrade may force you into buying a new device all together. Props goes out to Sprint for pushing out this update as most other carriers seem to be neglecting the Galaxy S line up in regard to Froyo.  

Are you using an Epic 4G? Can’t wait for the update? If you’re rooted you can pick up the source code now!

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