The Sprint Express is the New 20 Dollar Gingerbread QWERTY

Looks like Sprint is bringing another very affordable smart phone option to the table and that’s good for everyone. As smart phones get smarter the lower end spec’s become more affordable to manufacture and in turn improve the low end market of all mobile phones. What happens then? Well, the whole world ends up with a ‘smart’ phone in their hands. In an attempt to offer the best options to their customer Sprint is helping push along this process. With the announcement of devices like the Samsung Transform Ultra and now the Sprint Express the world of smart phones is increasingly getting more affordable and accessible to the average user. Let’s take a gander at what the new Sprint Express has to offer.

The Sprint Express has leaked out into the wild a couple of times in the last month and it has out of nowhere become official as of today. While the secret is out on the announcement of the Sprint Express it seems that its manufacturer is still under wraps. If I had to guess I would say it’s a Huawei device, surely this will come out in the future. The Sprint Express is a fatherless child for now. The Express is the perfect entry level smart phone. It features a bar styled design with a Blackberry-esq design. Under its 2.6 inch 320×240 capacitive touch screen you’ll notice simple answer and end buttons, followed by a circular navigation key which is complemented by the standard Android soft keys. Following the line you’ll notice a perfectly placed full QWERTY keyboard. Internally all of this hardware will give you complete control over Android OS version 2.3 or Gingerbread which carries with its Sprint ID customizable UI. The Android OS is run by the power of an un specified single core 600 MHz CPU that is backed by 512 MB of RAM. Other details on the Sprint Express include expandable microSD SDHC memory that can accommodate up to 32GB, a rear facing 3.2 mega pixel camera that can record video. The Sprint Express surprisingly can also Hotspot its 3G connectivity and allow up to five different devices to gobble up its data. Powering all of this amazing-ness is a 1500 mAh battery. The best part of the Sprint Express? Its price tag! The Sprint Express is said to be a ‘direct ship’ only device and will cost you only 20 bucks! Early advertisements put the retail cost at $250 but after a new 2 year contract, instant savings and a $50 dollar mail in rebate you’ll be down to a smart phone for 20 bucks! Check out the brief overview of the Sprint Express below.


With the holidays around the corner this may be an excellent pick up for the entry level smart phone user. Tell us what you think of the my first smart phone Sprint Express in the comments below, but before you leave take a gander at our huge line up of the best Sprint accessories.

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