Sprint issues EVO update, did you get yours?

So if you are an EVO 4G using Sprint customer, guess what. An update to your software should be available to you as of today. It was reported late last week that Sprint would be issuing software updates to the EVO 4G. Well it seems as if that time has come.

If you are a Sprint customer and you are using an EVO 4G do this, go to your settings, choose system update, then HTC update, and then you will be in update paradise. Now what will you get for your hard earned time? Well it’s not Froyo 2.2,  at least not yet but be on the lookout as this update is sure to spawn the issuing of the Android update soon. But within this 21.43MB software update the EVO 4G users should see, improvements of their battery life, networking, their EVO’s WiFi will see improvements, Active Sync updates improvements, and a fix for the EVOs social networking problems. Now we know this won’t fix a peeling screen or a lagging frame rate but it looks like today is a good day for EVO users.  

Sprint announced this update was coming at the end of last week, and it feels good to know they did not pull our chains. Improvements to the battery life seem to be one of the highlights of this update, as the EVOs 1500 mAh battery handles the phones pay load fairly well, but the consensus claims it could indeed use some improvements.

Have you updated your EVO, if not follow these steps, go to the settings within your EVO, choose  system update, then HTC update and you will installing the over the air update for your beloved EVO 4G.

But once your done, come back and let us know if you see any improvements.

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