Sprint halts EVO update due to bricking

         Yesterday there were many happy Sprint EVO users. Why you ask? Well Sprint decided that before they can issue Froyo to their EVO population they will need to implement a maintenance update to their software and smooth out some small bugs and issue improvements in other areas.  Now I’m not 100% sure they needed to perform this update before they could launch Froyo for the EVO it just sounds logical to me.

Sprint launched the update via OTA or over the air, if you’re an iPhone user that might confuse you, moving on. The update was to include some really promising improvements to the EVO’s Wi-Fi performance, its Active Sync, and Exchange Calendar 2010 Sync improvements. The update was also set to fix a syncing bug to some social networking sites, and this all accumulating into potential improvements to the battery life.

This all sounds real good if you’re an EVO user right?

But herein lies the problem: There have been reports right from the gate that the update will brick ones EVO. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “brick” just think of all the cool things a brick can do. Once the download has been installed on the EVO some users were going in and searching for the updates, and inadvertently updated again, sub sequentially turning their EVOs into useless bricks.

HTC and Sprint have noted that the majority of EVO users that have downloaded the update have had no issues. But because of the people that did the companies will collectively be pulling the update until they can “investigate further”

Nothing too serious, here this should be an easy fix.

Has your EVO bricked up after the update?

Let us know what happened to your EVO.

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