Sprint EVO Release date June 4th

 I have recently received an email from my loving carrier Sprint telling me to “Save the date: Own the new HTC EVO 4G June 4th”. This is the best email I have received today, and believe me my inbox is flooded most of the time.

Rumored to be the most powerful phone on the market once it releases, Sprint has sure had the community hanging on the edge of their seats. I know I sure am as I need to upgrade my phone as soon as possible. For most technology induced Sprint customers this is a long time coming, as Sprint has not released a device recently that is comparable to the “most powerful” phone on the market. The Sprint EVO 4G has many features that makes it so sought after you can find a list of the features here.

Sprints timing with this phone is perfect considering the launch of their new 4G network, this strategic placement is obvious as Sprint has been consistently trying to bring new customers to their service. Well if any phone could do it, the EVO 4G would be it and it sure got me to stay.

I will let you guys know what I think of this phone, once I get the beauty in my hands. But in the meantime let us know what you think; is the Sprint EVO 4G just hyped? Will it live up to its expectations of being the most powerful phone on the market? I sure hope so, and you know Sprint does as well.

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