HTC EVO 4G Glitch Right Before Release Date

Some of those who have pre ordered the HTC EVO 4G early may have become frustrated with their newly acquired phone. It is not concerning the EVO itself but actually the SD card that comes with the device. A number of EVO 4G owners have discovered that they could not save their images or other media through the SD card because of “insufficient file permissions.” In other more troubling cases, owners were unable to access or use their cards at all.

Two weeks back, approximately 5000 attendees of the Google I/O Conference were given free units of the HTC EVO 4G. At least 20 have gone on the Internet and expressed their frustrations over this glitch. According to one owner, “It seems to be fairly widespread among those who received the phones” and that, “It’s a troubling trend.”

HTC has acknowledged and already commented on the issue. The smartphone manufacturer’s spokesperson Keith Novak stated, “We have seen this crop up intermittently in some of the Evo 4G devices. We have identified the cause, are testing a solution and expect to have a software solution available very shortly that will be automatically pushed to phones over the air.” In a number of cases, a simple “power cycle or switching the card out seems to rectify the issue in most cases.”

Hopefully, these tips do the trick. Some users have already tried reformatting their SD cards but with little positive result. Apparently the issue is with the batch of SD cards that were included with the device. Even with reformatting the card, users still experienced errors. A separate card provided by Google during the conference worked well without any glitches. However, HTC has insisted that the issue is with the software itself on the EVO 4G. They are currently developing an update to fix the issue but did not give an estimate on when this update would be made available.

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