Froyo updates begin to hit Sprint EVO’s just as promised

The HTC EVO 4G from Sprint fame is surely one of the most powerful and in demand cellular devices in the land right now, but what could make it better you ask, Froyo of course. The end of last week had some EVO users in a flurry awaiting the OTA update for Android 2.2. Well go check your updates, because the time has come.

Our EVO was updated at around 7pm last night, PST. And boy oh boy the Sprint EVO just got that much more powerful. If you have not received the update, you should be able to simply go get it with by, going to Settings>System Updates>HTC Software update. Now this is not a shoe in for the update, I personally had to go back and look for the update about three times before this EVO found the update on HTC’s servers. So keep trying, just don’t be mad at me if you don’t see it.

Froyo for the HTC EVO comes with a long list of updates that are sure to impress anyone. Check a recap of the expected updates below, and let us know what if you have updated to Froyo.

Yeaaaah for flashlights!!!

Application Sharing:

  • Share Applications which are installed on SD cards


  • Display events and birthdays from Facebook


  • Use camera LED as flashlight

FM Radio

  • New user interface.

Friend Stream

  • Local Search
  • Add as friend for unknown users in Facebook


  • Support Facebook “comments” function


  • Language switch key
  • Remove keyboard dismiss key
  • Capitalization intelligence when correcting/modifying a word


  • Groups tab-Auto save draft when users press back key
  • Save outgoing email into outbox when no data connection is available


  • Larger (auto-enlarge) compose area with clickable animated Attach icon
  • MMS slideshow editor
  • Send contact as vCard via SMS


  • Updates and events tab- Allow users to link contact to a Plurk and Twitter contact


  • Rich phone canvas with social networking status

New preloaded widgets

  • Calculator widget x4
  • FM radio widget
  • Message list view widget
  • Profile settings widget
  • Ringtone settings widget


  • Rotation in 4 orientations


  • 720p camcorder supports up to 24 fps-LED flash enabled, so that video can be shot at night or in low light environment


  • Built in Flash 10.1 support- JavaScript engine V8 support- Animated GIF

Lock Screen:

  • Numeric pin and alpha numeric password to unlock the device (Exchange administrator can also enforce these password policies)


  • Search widget or search bar is able to switch to search different types (web, a specific application or all) on the fly- Searchable types includes: All, Web, Apps, Calendar, Footprints, Mail, Messages, Music, People, Settings, etc.


  • Adjustable alarm volume

USB Tethering:

  • Being renamed from Internet Sharing

Android Market:

  • Android Market Widget- Installing application on SD card


So it is here EVO users, consider yourself at the apex of the curve, well at least until Gingerbread makes its way to the world!

Tell us about your Froyo update!

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