Sprints “First to 4G” plan altered slightly due to delays

If you have heard of the Sprint EVO 4G you will most likely know that they are currently out of stock, almost worldwide. With little inventory showing up in remote locations across the country, one could imagine that this delay in manufacturing has to be effecting Sprints “first to 4G” plan and marketing ploy.

In a recent interview with the Wall St Journal, Dan Hesse the active CEO of Sprint (and yes the guy in the Sprint commercials) is agreeing to the fact that these delays have hurt their overall strategy. The HTC EVO was officially released under the Sprint moniker on June 4th and runs for about two hundred bucks. But seemingly since day one, there has been a shortage of these units. Sprint was the first national carrier to put the 4G label on their marketing material and the mule that was to bring them to the “first to 4G” fame has lost its breath. The CEO of Sprint Dan Hesse was quoted stating “We thought we would have more of a head start than we’ll end up having,” this largely in part of the shortage on the first ever 4G smart phone. The plan was simple, be the first to launch a 4G/3G phone and establish 4G coverage as time went on. Currently Sprint only covers a handful of major cities with their 4G network and quite obviously cannot put this 4G EVO into the hands of their users. While the numbers on units sold for the EVO 4G have yet to be officially stated by Sprint, analysts put the number at around 300,000.

When looking at this from the outside it is clearly evident that the manufacturer of the device simply cannot keep up with the demand. Currently HTC is also in a bit backed up on the Verizon wireless Droid Incredible. HTC is sighting shortages on components that are sourced from various vendors; a main player in these shortages is Samsung who is known for making the screens on HTC phones. The shortage due to demand has launched a 2.2 billion dollar effort from Samsung to build a factory to manufacture these screens, however this project is not expected to be complete until 2012.

The phone that sold Sprints new 4G coverage is currently on back order and as of recently has gone into the gray, as Sprints site references no potential shipping date.

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