New Sprint EVO 4G- Coming Soon!

Sprint users are patiently waiting for the launch of the new 4g EVO monster phone from HTC. The Android operating Sprint 4G EVO is scheduled to release early in June and will most likely make waves in the industry as many are looking forward to seeing the Sprint 4G EVO’s full capabilities in action.

The EVO 4g is highly anticipated to Sprint customers as Sprint has yet to enlist (in my opinion) a super phone into their roster. With this 4G EVO the wait is over for Sprint customers. Sprint is taking advantage of this opportunity with a dedicated marketing campaign to retain their customer base and potentially bring back some users who have recently switched to the dark side.  With the specifications on this new device and the launch of their new 4G network, the 4G EVO in my opinion will do just that.

The Sprint 4G EVO is packed to the brim with features. A 4.3 inch screen a super fast Snapdragon 1GHz processor a set of dual cameras, one being front facing and mobile HD content in your hand.  The Sprint 4G EVO is Wi-Fi and 4G ready and maybe capable of potentially moving faster than your home computer, with all the extra features the 4G EVO has a user will have no need for an upgrade anytime soon.

The plot has thickened and the hype has begun with pre orders being taken within the next couple of days from Radio Shack.  It is also rumored that the 4G iPhone will be releasing around the same time, it will be fun to see how these models stack up against each other.

I for one am looking forward to the release of the Sprint 4G EVO, as being a long time Sprint customer I can’t remember the last time they have launched a device that really got me excited. 

Let us know what you think, are you waiting on the new Sprint 4G EVO, cause I sure am.

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