Sprint EVO still out of stock

Thanks to the tech hungry consumers (you and me) of the day it is apparently an ongoing trend that the device manufacturers simply cannot keep up with our demand. When giving the world new technology, you should expect a high demand, if you give the world new technology that could have come out years ago; you should expect a feeding frenzy.

Let’s take for example the ever popular Sprint EVO 4G, this is a first in a few different regards. The details have been reported multiple times, but at the end of the day it is more powerful and faster than pretty much anything before it.  The phone released under its 4G branding, giving Sprint new life and taking users into the next generation of super phones. Unfortunately if you cannot supply the demand however you may be facing some tough times and stiffer competition. Dan Hesse the CEO of Sprint stated that the delay in the EVO 4Gs availability is not that of a “parts” issue but rather a demand issue. At the Forrester Customer Experience in NYC the CEO of Sprint told reporters “The device is more popular than we or HTC could foresee”. When asked about the shortage of components Hesse referred the question to the HTC spokes person, which stated to Reuters that the shortage was simply due to higher than expected demand. This has been seen in the recent history of the smart phone craze where Verizon and HTC’s Incredible cannot be shipped fast enough, this however is simply due to a shortage of Samsung AMOLED screens. While there is no word from the Sprint camp of a potential time frame for restocking the EVO, Hesse stated that the EVO is selling well, and Sprints shortages continued even after the launch of its main competitor the iPhone 4.

The popularity of the EVO 4G is truly astounding considering its competition. Again no time frame to report on potential restocks but be aware they will be back sooner than later.

PS: Dear HTC, don’t rush the manufacturing please. We don’t want to see the resupply of the EVO end up with the same silly issues the iphone went through. And whenever you want to shoot one my way, I will put it too good use.

Are you waiting on the restock of the EVO? How do you feel about these companies giving us the tech we want but not being able to keep up with demand?

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