Sprint: BlackBerry OS 6 Update out for Bold 9650 and Curve 3G

It's finally here! Now where is Verizon's?

BlackBerry OS 6 is finally here for the Bold 9650 and the Curve 3G! Sorry, couldn’t resist. Yes, it’s true. The Bold 9650 and the Curve 3G (9330) are receiving over the air (OTA) updates to Research In Motion’s newest operating system version right now. At least on Sprint’s network. Verizon Wireless customers are still left waiting for their official update to the new OS.

The version number of the BB OS 6 update going out to Sprint’s BlackBerrys is Besides just the OTA update option, BlackBerry owners can also download the update from Sprint’s website (but not until the 29th of December). This has been a long time coming but at least it is finally here right? I’m sorry Verizon customers, at least your update should be here soon.

Sprint is saying that besides just all the goodies that BB OS 6 brings with it (more on that in a bit), the update is also supposed to fix dropped call problems. As with all operating system updates, make sure you completely back up your smart phone first. Fortunately since this is an official update, if something goes wrong, Sprint and RIM should be more than willing to help you out via technical support.

What BlackBerry OS 6 brings with it:

  • A greatly improved web browser built on the same Webkit technology powering Apple’s Safari Mobile (one of the best mobile browsers in my opinion even if it doesn’t have Flash)
  • Social Feeds integration (think of it as RIM’s version of Palm’s Synergy)
  • Universal search of all data on the phone from the home screen
  • An improved and much more colorful user interface (also probably the reason the update requires 256 MB of available memory)
  • Improved multimedia support (album cover art, better picture taking options and more)

Overall, BB OS 6 is worth the update if you have a compatible device. My only peeve is that navigation isn’t quite as smooth as it could have been on non-touchscreen devices. RIM built BB OS 6 with the Torch 9800 in mind and as you probably know, the Torch has a touchscreen and the QWERTY keyboard that made BlackBerry a household name. Don’t get me wrong—BB OS 6 is still quite useable without a touchscreen but just not as quite as good as it can be. I guess that’s what we call progress right?

Tell me how the update works for you!

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